Innovative Design Award

Call for Innovative Design Award

The Asia Institute of Urban Environment (AIUE) has been working for the sustainable development and improvement of urban environments in the Asian region. Many researchers and practitioners have contributed to the improvement of the urban environment through their advanced efforts. In recognition of these contributions, we propose the establishment of the “Innovative Design Award” to further encourage advanced efforts in Asia.

To recognize progressive efforts to improve the urban environment in Asia, and to promote awareness of the value of such efforts. To motivate award-winning organizations and encourage further research and practical activities.
To share successful examples of award-winning organizations and promote their application to other regions and projects.

Award recipients

  • Research organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the sustainability of the urban environment
  • Projects that have successfully improved the urban environment using advanced technologies and methods
  • Initiatives that have achieved a sustainable urban environment in cooperation with local communities

Selection criteria
Innovation: Originality and innovativeness of the initiative
Impact: specific impact or results on the urban environment
Sustainability: Long-term sustainability of the initiative
Replicability: applicability to other regions and projects

Award details

  • Certificate of commendation
  • Award ceremony and presentation opportunities at scientific meetings and symposiums
  • Feature article on the official conference website and in publications