Green Transformation of Cities@Tokyo

Welcome to 21st International Conference of Asia Institute of Urban Environment in Tokyo, October 12-14,2024


Asia Institute of Urban Environment
Shibaura Institute of Technology

Asian Institute of Low Carbon Design
The University of Kitakyushu

WASEDA University
The Obayashi Foundation

October 12-14,2024

Theme: Green Transformation of Cities: Nurturing Sustainable Urban Futures
With a rapid urbanization in Asia, the importance of understanding the relationship between the changing urban environment and the quality of life within the city is being increasingly recognized. The experience of developed cities shows that most cities have been coping with phenomena such as rural-urban migration, expansive urban sprawl with massive consequences for the sustainability of the city and its community resulting in land area problems within the rural-urban fringe among the most common ones. In this era of rapidly changing urban environment, society and human value in Asia, the future state of Asian cities will be a matter of utmost importance, Asian cities seeking for safe and secure lifestyle and urban development.
Asia Institute of Urban Environment (AIUE) is academic-based organization made as a network of students, researchers, and universities especially in Asia to enhance their knowledge in their fields of study or works which is related to the urban environment.
In this organization, we try to explore the emergence of innovative ideas and practices within the context of international urban environment planning and architecture issues. The aim of Asia Institute of Urban Environment (AIUE) is to create an organization that mainly exchanges ideas and the recent researches about urban environment planning and sharing solution for better daily living through the scheduled programs, periodically events and open forum, among students and professionals in Asia.
We expect to deepen discussions among foreign researchers on the scheme of preservation of the urban environment and sustainability, as well as challenging a strategy of the urban environment in order to realize sustainable cities wherein we can continue to live within our sustainable communities.

In an era marked by unprecedented urbanization and escalating environmental challenges, the imperative for sustainable development has never been more pressing. The theme of the upcoming international conference, “Green Transformation of Cities,” encapsulates the collective endeavor to foster environmentally responsible urban landscapes that prioritize ecological integrity, social equity, and economic prosperity. This conference serves as a platform for stakeholders from diverse sectors to converge, exchange ideas, and advance strategies aimed at catalyzing the transition towards greener, more resilient cities. Through interdisciplinary dialogue, innovative solutions, and collaborative action, we aim to forge a path towards sustainable urban futures, where cities serve as vibrant hubs of innovation, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey to reimagine and revitalize our urban spaces for the benefit of current and future generations.